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Peafowl (Pavo cristatus):
  India Blue
  India Blue Pied
  Black Shoulder
  Black Shoulder Pied
  Black Shoulder Pied White Eyed
  Cameo Black Shoulder
  Opal Black Shoulder
  Purple Black Shoulder
Peafowl (Pavo muticus):
  Java Green (Muticus Muticus)
  Muscovy Self Blue
  Giant Dewlap
  Grey Junglefowl
  Lady Amherst
  Yellow Golden
  Australian Black Swans
Great Pyrenees Dogs
Peafowl Pens
Spent Grain:

  Thirsty Planet


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The journey started with chickens & ducks from a family member.  Next, was a gift of an India Blue peafowl pair from a neighbor’s wild flock  .  .  .   the hook was set!                                             Peafowl are our 1st love BUT there are so many other beautiful fowl; so, the name:

Texas Peafowl Farm & More            in the           Central Texas Hill Country      Our preference would be to spend every waking hours with our fowl; caring for them, showing them off, teaching folks about them!  BUT .  .  since it takes a bit of moolah (dollars) to keep the critters in feed & good health, a website seemed the perfect way to share them so we’d have the time to work for their food supplies.  We invite you to sit a spell & take a virtual tour of our numerous flocks:                                                  Peafowl:              Pavo Cristatus          Colors: India Blue, Bronze, Cameo, Charcoal, Midnight, Opal, Peach, Purple & White   Patterns:               Black Shoulder, Pied, Silver Pied, White Eyed              Pavo Muticus Muticus (Java) Ducks:  Self-Blue Muscovy, Silky & Mandarin         Geese: White Sebastopol & Giant Dewlap Toulouse    Junglefowl:  Sonnerat's Grey Pheasant:  Golden, Yellow Golden & Lady Amherst Turkey:  Royal Palm & Rio Grande               Chickens: Silkie, Ameraucana, Black Copper & Maran         

 Also, Great Pyrenees Dogs                          aka Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) that work protect all critters and humans from whatever would harm them!                             A  N  D                 NINE Mustang horses & American burros, adopted from the Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse & Burro Program (BLM), a few Texas Longhorn cattle & Boer Goats, along with pet cats & dogs who live here & look to us for most of their feed & care! The cattle, goats, fowl & LGD's help with their upkeep by providing young to sell.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking to start a new flock or adding to an existing one.  We’d be happy to give you a call if you send an email with your phone number and a time to contact you AND your location!  If you don't receive a reply within 3 days, please try again!  Technology doesn't ALWAYS work in rural areas!!!                                                                      We love fowl talk !!!

 Nap Time!  Whew!! Everybody asleep at once!  

                                       White, cameo, purple dark pied & India Blue peachicks 24 to 72 hours old.


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